Since we soon will be going ALL electric and cars becoming autonomous, I wanted to explore and share what I am going to miss when we don’t have any combustion engine on a car. For me, an engine is the heart of any great car, it adds character, drama, and brings a soul to life. For me, the sound is what makes me remember a specific car and with that disappearing in the future makes me sad. This reminded me of a movie called the Terminator, where the robots were about to take of the world. 
In this project, I worked with a model where she portrayed Sarah Conner and I experimented with compositions and different photographic skills to capture emotions you get from a petrol-powered car, highlighting key features such as the GTI badge which is associated with FAST and FUN, as well as the use of words for the captions. 

THE FUTURE IS NOT SET - As technology improved, I am sure we can come up with a better solution than electricity such as hydrogen fuel that could save the combustion engines.
NO EXPIRY DATE - Unlike battery-powered cars, a combustion engine has a much greater lifetime than batteries and less risk of catching on fire during a crash.

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