MIF x Fuse
Story telling / Portrait photography / Collaboration
I’ve collaborated with @mifestival in commission to respond to @rizahmed’s #TheLongGoodbyeLivestream, exploring the themes of migration, identity and belonging.

Four artists, including Grace Maisiri (@ninetyfourgrace), Urooj Ahmad (@uroojdesign & @gupshhup), myself Saidul Choudhury (@saidulmedia) & founder of FUSE, Jaheed Hussain (@jaheedhussain_) independently creating pieces of work that is live & also available to see on MIF’s site.
In this project I wanted to tell a visual story about my friend Ebyan @ebzz.xo who is a Somali Muslim [who] practices modest dressing. Ebyan is a student at the University of Leeds, travelling on public transport from Manchester. She has experienced being stared down on, and felt uncomfortable when travelling alone. When I asked her ‘What is your worst fear?’ she answered ‘My worst fear is being attacked by acid because it happens frequently’.

I wanted to tell a visual story about the time she spends worrying about her own safety when she is travelling. We went into Manchester City Centre to capture Ebyan in different places such as the university, bus stops, etc. One key area I concentrated on is her facial expressions which show her fear wherever she goes.

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